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Homeless streetkids living in abandoned


Arrest Story

14 May 2002

It was an old heritage building. Around lunchtime, a couple of workers came in to renovate. They walked in and out a few times but I didn’t really realise because I was half asleep.

The next thing we know, the front door was kicked in and two security guards came in. They told us to remain where we were until the police came. Seeing as I didn’t know my rights, I could have left anytime, even though the security guards didn’t let us.

About four or five cops came and arrested us because the owner wanted us charged for being there. Eight of us between the ages of 15-23, got put into the paddy wagons and we spent about three hours down at the cop shop.

We were charged with unlawful entering premises and the cops were going to summons me to court. I ticked the box that said I wasn’t going to attend so they’re going to send me a fine in the mail, even though I don't have a fixed address. Maybe they'll send it to my parents house in Kalgoorlie.


Because I'm 22, they let me go. Some of the others were taken to juvie or home to their parents.

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