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05 - Karl Open Training 2007 - Karratha

I first started BMX racing in Port Hedland, Western Australia in May 2007

I'd been riding bikes before I could walk and it was definitely my first love but as a teenager, I always wanted a BMX. I loved the idea of flying and jumping but that was never supported by my parents.

I finally bought my first BMX in 1999 - an awesome blue HARO. I was disappointed at first because it wasn't easy to ride, especially as it felt so different from riding my mountain bike plus it was twice as heavy. But before long, it was like a second skin and as soon as I woke up, I just wanted to ride!


BMX racing was certainly something I always wanted to try and certainly something I was TOLD to try, especially as I was fast and fairly fearless on the street.

So when I made the move to Port Hedland, an exciting and scary experience because I didn't know anyone, it was an awesome chance to finally start racing and meet some amazing people. Life in the country was epic but riding and meeting other club members from Karratha and Tom Price is certainly one of the greatest memories I will forever cherish.

Although I was never able to fully transfer my confidence from the street to the track, I did the best I could, had so much fun, travelled interstate a number of times and met such awesome people.

After crashing out at the 2011 WA State Titles, which resulted in a cracked scapula and knocking myself out, my interest in competing began to wane, even though I never really liked the competing side (especially compared to the social scene and epic travelling!). Over the years, I competed here and there but finally set my retirement in stone at the 2015 WA State Titles.

BMX Racing Placings

2007 Racing Year.tif
BMX Placings.png
BMX Placings 2.png
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