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Bristile Brick Kilns Subiaco
(Bristile China's Wembley Ware)

Wembley Ware was a line of modern and fancy ceramics, produced by the Subiaco-based company Calyx Porcelain and Paint Company Ltd. They were the first company in Western Australia to produce ceramics when they were formed in 1921. As the result of a number of problems, the company faced voluntary liquidation in 1925 but were saved when they became an asset for the WA Government in the following year. Their products consisted largely of "dinner ware, breakfast ware, toilet ware, kitchen ware and sundries".


There were times when the company continued to struggle as a result of different management and the difficult global economic times World War 2 brought with it but they continued to survive. HR Brisbane and Wunderlich Ltd initially leased Calyx Porcelain Works, before purchasing it in 1945 and changing its name to Bristile China.


Wembley Ware's product line was created in 1946 until 1961. Modernisation and expansion took place in the years that followed their purchase of the company, until they were in full swing in 1953. The production of ceramic in Western Australia sadly came to an end in 2006, most likely as a result of not being able to keep up with cheap imports. The factory was demolished in the same year. The kilns remain on the site, seemingly "protected" under covers that resemble nothing more than light blue bedsheets, despite their heritage listing. New apartment complexes have been built in the area and more will soon be built on this site too.

01 - July 2022

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