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Buckland Hill Memorial Park

Despite a few independent comments of Facebook users reflecting on their childhood memories, there is little evidence to show that tunnels existed in this part of Mosman Park.


There were a few small buildings and suspect shapes captured by satellite imagery in the area as early as 1947 but this could be the result of Mt Lyell quarry works, which took place between 1910 and 1969. The reservoir's capacity was also expanded from 18 million litres to 64 in 1935. This saw the obelisk move to its current location in 1983 from inside the reservoir when it was roofed.

In 1941, the reservoir shared the hill with the Australian Army's Leighton Battery, when it was compulsorily acquired by the Government for the Army to occupy the western slopes.

Despite a few suspect anomalies such as potential collapses at where tunnel entrances could have been, as well as a cave that has been somewhat bricked up and possible sealed from inside at the rear, there is nothing to show that tunnels did exist in Buckland Hill. 

01 - July 2022