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15 - Byford Abandoned Sheds

Urbex Perth

Urban Exploration: Beauty in Decay

Home of the Chicken Astronauts

10 - South Fremantle Power Station - West Wall (High Res).jpg

Time and time again, we yearn to see places as they once were. Despite emotive images at times, depicting a building's last days before demolition, they are still powerful enough to evoke a sense of nostalgia. At times, better days are around the corner with grand plans to renovate, sparking some form of life with an abundance of good intentions.

Streetkid Industries is on a mission to photograph and document as much of Perth's history as possible. At times, unconventional methods are the only possibility, although we are managing to obtain permission on an increasing basis.

Some locations are limited to the external facade of a building and we're okay with that. Other times, we've been able to completely document the frog out of a place!

It's not out history but someone's history. Stories that remain untold and whilst yet, we've only been able to capture the remains of life once lived in places through the lens, we hope to soon support all our image sets with accompanying history, research, documentation and more importantly... people's stories and experiences.

How many times do you wish to see a place once more? Sometimes photos are so hard to find, even on the world wide web that is likened to an endless ocean, often filled with junk one has to navigate their way through. Despite some places being photographed, rarely is there one place to find many together.

Whilst we have a long way to go, Streetkid Industries will never compare to the legends in the field such as Lost Perth, Museum of Perth and WA Now and Then but we're doing what we love and feel is important, so hopefully you'll enjoy exploring this site.

01 - Nedlands REGIS Wyvern Aged Care Apartments

Apartments, duplexes & hostels

36 - Mount Henry Bridge Tunnel.jpg

Bridges & jettys

08 - Chappelly Autos Bassendean

Small places of work

Schools & TAFE

Parks, nightclubs & theme Parks

Farmhouses, horse stables & sheds

02 - Bullsbrook Air Force Telecommunications - 10 March 2022

Facilities, gyms and medical places

17 - Shenton Park Victoria House Rehabilitation Hospital.jpg

Facilities, gyms and medical places

01 - Belmont Deceased Estate House

Deceased estates, homes & mansions

01 - Bayswater Warehouse (Second Visit)

Big businesses, factories & warehouses

14 - Leighton Battery Mosman Park.jpg

Batteries, Camps & Ruins

13 - Frederick Postan's Cottage, Hope Valley

Convict places, ruins & settlements

Bridges, depots & train cars

Caverns, caves & tunnels


08 - Canning Dam

Dams, drains & pump houses

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