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07 - Cottesloe Water Pipes (2)

C Water Pipes

So far we haven't found any information about these concrete water pipes at the rear of a shopping centre. Landgate shows that it shares the same property title as the carpark.

It could be presumed that they've been here for a very long time. One of my mates was telling me about when he used to come here as a kid, wagging school. They'd hang out here, unseen by anyone and everyone, as they'd smoke some cones and graff.

01 - July 2022

A few days after I'd first been told about these concrete pipes, I made a beeline to go check these out. Dragging a friend with me, although she was just as keen as I was, we headed over. Nearby construction workers were using the area in front of the fence for storage and their tools, so we decided to come back some other time.

02 - July 2022

Armed with my endoscope, I ended up coming back a few nights later on my own. I'd briefly searched some of my usual online resources in an attempt to identify what they were (assuming they were water pipes with an open mesh lid, connecting to an underground water pipe system) and how long they'd been here for. It did seem a little strange that I had never seen anything like it any other area.


Funny enough, a week later I found one at the Gosnells Garden Centre abando.

My endoscope was nothing but disappointing. Even with the light turned up to the max, the endoscope didn't really give me any answers, even with my bright headlight torch shining into the gap of the concrete water pipe some 90cm up. It was hard to tell if there was water at the bottom or it was just dark from being the bottom. From memory, it hadn't rained much over the past month but the smell was typical of the cold, stale water smell. Just like you find it old, enclosed spaces or in many of the flooded rooms at the Swan District Hospital.

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