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36 - Leighton Battery Mosman Park

Constructing Leighton Battery

7 March 1943:

  • Two 60-in Sperry Units have been installed

  • Brickwork on the Command Post, two Magazines + approaches and two gun emplacements has been completed.

  • Construction of the Artillery Store as well as the timbering and bricking of the underground passages is proceeding.

  • The contractor for the camp area has commenced work.

  • Gear Elevation Indicator MkI on the mountings of the 6in gun has been modified (NAA: MP742/1, 82/9/5).


22 March 1944 – The University authorities inform the Town Planning Commissioner that they had not been consulted by the Commonwealth in regards to the intended acquisition of their 91 acres of endowment land coming (AU WA S4119- cons955 1943/1074 v2).


1 June 1943:

  • The camp site is still under construction

  • The underground staircase leading to the No.1 Gun is complete

The staircase leading to the No.2 Gun, No.1 gun floor shelter, RAP, Artillery store, concrete and brick SLDS for the No.4 and No.5 CASLS are under construction (NAA: MP742/1, 82/9/5).


21 August 1943 – Whilst the Army intend to permanently retain the establishment on Buckland Hill, they inform the Lands Department that it is possible for some of the land to revert back to the owners after the end of the war (AU WA S4119- cons955 1943/1074 v2).

2 September 1943:

  • Cables routes have been laid from the new Directing Station to the CASL emplacements and the Engine Rooms. Complete works is nearing completion.

  • Cabling and wiring has been completed for Battery communications and the Searchlights.

  • The camp site has been completed.

  • The concrete and brick SLD Station has been completed.

  • Work is progressing on an underground Shell Store at the Battery completion.

  • Work is underway to install overhead covers on both guns.

  • Modifications to the traversing gear of the 6in mountings vide L of C in WM B 3310 P has been completed (NAA: MP742/1, 82/9/5).


10 November 1943 – Owing to the design of installations, only a small amount of camouflage required which has now been completed (AWM2019.366.2954).


20 January 1944 – A new war establishment for the Coast Artillery Fremantle is announced,  which includes a full time duty VDC component and personnel to sufficiently man only one gun in each battery (AWM2019.366.2956).


21 March 1944 – Overhead covers for both guns is now complete. Work is still continuing on the construction of the Artillery Shell Stores (NAA: MP742/1, 82/9/5).


5 July 1944 – To construct one emplacement, the amount of steel reinforcement and concrete required:

  • 450 cubic yards of concrete

  • 640 pounds of 1” diameter mild steel reinforcement

  • 5 tons of ¾” diameter mild steel reinforcement

  • 4 tons of 3/8” diameter mild steel reinforcement (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).


13 July 1944 – Excavation for the three gun emplacements have begun (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).

Leighton Battery Mosman Park

01 August 1944 – A request is made to cancel the construction of rooms for the Instrument Numbers, the Telephonist Plotters and the Gun Positioning Officer located next to the Anti-aircraft Command Post (Fremantle Western Australia 5.25 gun emplacements buildings and services at South Beach, Leighton and Cape Peron).


15 August 1944 – A request to alter the order for three hatch covers measuring 8’7” x 4’1” are to be amended to sizes 12’0” x 4’3” (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).

27 September 1944 – Sites for the two additional CASLs and E.Rs have been selected and can now be pegged out. The existing CASL and ER was erected from timber and will likely be reconstructed in concrete (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).


6 October 1944 – Reinforcing rods recycled from the Fremantle Railway Yards have become badly corroded and require sand blasting and wire brushing before they can be used at Leighton Battery (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).


6 October 1944 – Minimum concrete strength to construct the battery infrastructure is to be of a 3750 pound per sq in strength of a 6” x 6” cube which is the strength used at Garden Island (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).


16 November 1944 – All external doors on the plotting room buildings are required to be steel framed and sheeted with 3/16” plate with a suitable pad bolt and pad lock to be provided. All window openings are to be 3/16” steel plate cover which is removable and capable of being locked in position when the battery is not in operation. The shutters are intended to render the structure man proof only and will not be used while the battery is manned (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).


12 December 1944 – Instead of timber shutters and doors on the engine room for the generating set that goes with each CASL, steel ones will be installed. Three CASL emplacements and engine rooms will be required at Leighton (NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160).


1945 – The 6in guns are removed and remounted in the Princess Royal Battery.

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