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01 - Dane Street House, East Victoria Pa

Dane Street House

East Victoria Park

Built in 1930, this 103msq property is very difficult to find any history or information on. It appears to have once been a corner store deli, judging from the appearance of the corner section. Perhaps back in the day when they were more common, life was simple and certainly more family-orientated.


Children walking to the deli on a lovely Sunday morning, to buy dad The Sunday Times and perhaps a few 5c lollies with whatever change was leftover. Sometimes with the company of dad and walking the dog. Seemingly another lifetime ago.

The only available property history shows that this three-bedroom house was rented for $380 p/w on May 7, 2014. The value of the house with a medium confidence rating, is estimated at $650,000-$700,000k ( Although both the date of renting and the estimated value range differs with every property website.

I was always given the impression that this house had been habited by squatters, something of the norm for houses in this area. Particularly with the boarded up windows, reinforced doors and graffiti, albeit surprisingly limited.


Seeing as it isn't heritage listed, no doubt it'll one day be earmarked for redevelopment.

April 2021