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Medina Research Station

Department of Agriculture and Food

The Medina Research Station was located in Postans and setup by the Department of Agriculture and Food. When it closed in 2014, it was relocated to Kensington.

The Medina Pig Station was established in 1964 and had previously been carried out on the Denmark Research Station, Muresk Agricultural College and on some commerical properties. Research focused on nutrition, housing, reproduction, artificial breeding and genetic improvement.

Between 1996-1999, a large scale vaccination trial was conducted at this location on commerical boiler breeder hens.

In 2011, there were plans to redevelop the Medina Research Station with a budget of $235 million to turn it into a multi-use research station for a wide range of livestock, cropping and horticultural systems. These funds included creating an export grains innovation centre and although some of the newer buildings would be kept and incorporated into the designs, decommissioned buildings would be demolished.

The site also did research and testing on a number of different crops such as canola, avocadoes, leafy vegetables, burdock, waxflowers, native cut flowers, germplasm and sulla, as well as compost studies to increase soil quality in sandy soils.

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