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Copy of New South Wales police drug raid

Detective Sergeant Frank Furter's Organised Crime Story


"If organised crime gets me my wealth quickly why is it a bad thing? Dealing with drugs and the reality the kids on the streets, the probability of being caught is quite low."

Organised Crime Squad Detective Sergeant Frank Furter spent 25 years in the Western Australia police force before he resigned, in search of greener pastures.

The detection of low-level street dealers is quite low, despite rumours. They can make quite a substantial amount of money but it takes time to mount an operation and waste resources, and get detectives on board.

Kids don’t do it from an economic sense. They’re not going through the whole business rationale; the cops aren’t going to chase them. Is that really an option to getting money quickly and organised crime, like Karl Williams in Underbelly, there is overwhelming acceptance, who has climbed up the ladder for many years? Karl came into the scene and within 2 years made it to the top, astronomic amount of business.

No legit business is going to give you that return.

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