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Northern Territory juvenile detention do

Don Dale Youth Detention Centre

Media Articles


2019 - 13 August: Weaponised weathers: heat, Don Dale, and ‘everything-ist’ prison abolition (Right Now)

​​2018 - 26 July: Don Dale Youth Detention Centre 'not fit for purpose', judge says releasing young offender on bail (ABC News)

2017 - 20 November: Don Dale: Snapchat videos show guard asking inmates for oral sex (ABC News)

2017 - 26 April: Don Dale officer behind camera says tear-gassing should not have happened (ABC News)

2017 - 28 March: Don Dale guards bribed kids with threats of isolation, soft drink to 'fight for entertainment', former detainees tell royal commission (ABC News)

2017 - 23 March: Royal commission: Video shows guards tackling boy, later hospitalised, at Don Dale (ABC News)

2017 - 16 March: Don Dale: Former detainee says Darwin prison guard threatened him with rape (ABC News)


2016 - 9 December: Don Dale: Brother of boy allegedly stripped with knife wants fresh charges against guards (ABC News)

2016 - 4 October: Don Dale officer who pinned boy in spit hood defends restraint (ABC News)

2016 - 21 January: Barbarous treatment of Aboriginal youth in detention (GreenLeft)

2015 - 20 October: Australia:Human rights abuses in Northern Territory juvenile detention centres (World Socialist Web Site)

2015 - 24 September: NT:Young people tell of solitary confinement, gassing (GreenLeft)

2015 - 23 September: NT police investigating criminal allegations at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre amid claims teens forced to fight, eat animal poo (ABC News)

2015 - 22 September: Claims teenagers forced to fight, eat animal faeces for junk food at Darwin's Don Dale Youth Detention Centre should be investigated, Commissioner says (ABC News)

2015 - 18 September: Teenage detainees hooded, gassed in Northern Territory adult prison (ABC News)

2015 - 4 June: Use of isolation, behaviour management in Darwin's Don Dale youth prison questioned (ABC News)

2014 - 20 December: 'Violent' restraint of boy by Northern Territory prison officers condemned (The Guardian Australia)

Dylan Voller

2017 - 5 July: Dylan Voller's confidential files among those dumped at Alice Springs tip shop (ABC News)

2017 - 4 February: Good news (for a change) (GreenLeft)

2016 - 13 December: Dylan Voller was set up to fail by the system, NT royal commission hears (ABC News)

2016 - 6 December: Dylan Voller plans hunger strike over threats of abuse (GreenLeft)

2016 - 11 October: Photos: Justice for Dylan Voller (GreenLeft)

2016 - 15 September: Youth detention: NT detainee Dylan Voller's parole denied (ABC News)

2016 - 27 July: Four Corners: Dylan Voller strapped to chair multiple times, former Don Dale guard claims (ABC News)

2016 - 26 July: Dylan Voller: Timeline of teenager's mistreatment in NT youth detention (ABC News)

2016 - 26 July: NT juvenile detention: Abused teenager Dylan Voller would have responded to kindness, sister says (ABC News)

2016 - 26 July: Four Corners: Dylan Voller releases letter apologising for crimes, thanking community for support (ABC News)


2017 - 23 April: Don Dale: Youth justice boss Jeanette Kerr visited prison in weeks between inmate escapes (ABC News)


2015 - 18 June: ‘Tough love’ no answer to NT youth crime (GreenLeft)

2015 - 12 June: Teenage escapees to be held in Darwin adult prison in near solitary confinement for four more days (ABC News)


2015 - 3 June: Escaped Darwin teens break back into prison after two days, captured doing burnouts inside fence (ABC News)

2014 - 4 August: Two teens on the run after five break out of Darwin's Don Dale youth detention centre (ABC News)

Four Corners Episode

2016 - 17 December: Australia:Testimony details abuse in youth detention centres (World Socialist Web Site)

2016 - 28 July: 'Angry and sad': How Darwin feels about Don Dale (ABC Radio Darwin)

2016 - 26 July: NT juvenile detention: 7 things we still don't know (ABC News)

2016 - 25 July: Evidence of 'torture' of children held in Don Dale detention centre uncovered by Four Corners (ABC News)

2016 - 25 July: Child hooded, strapped to mechanical restraint chair in Northern Territory detention (ABC News)

Mental Health and Suicide

2018 - 20 December: Don Dale mistreatment continuing alongside major gaps in mental health treatment, court documents allege (ABC News)

2018 - 26 June: Detention staff narrowly prevent child's suicide as Don Dale reaches 'crisis point' (ABC News)

2017 - 11 January: Traumatised juvenile detainees at higher risk of reoffending, psychiatrist says (ABC News)

​​2000 - 19 February: Public outcry in Australia over jailed Aboriginal boy's suicide (World Socialist Web Site)

New Juvenile Detention Facility

2020 - 16 July: NT Government announces Halikos will build new Don Dale facility and 'create 350 jobs' (ABC News)

2019 - 12 August: Don Dale's new site to be built next to Darwin Correctional Precinct (ABC News)

​​​​Riots and Violence

2019 - 07 July: Don Dale Detention Centre staff forced to call police to deal with major incident (ABC News)

2019 - 1 February: Footage shows police pointing assault rifles at child detainees in Australia (World Socialist Web Site)

2018 - 08 November: Don Dale Youth Detention Centre handed back to Territory Families after riots (ABC News)

2018 - 07 November: Don Dale riot: What is going wrong at the NT's largest youth justice centre? (ABC News)

2018 - 09 July: Don Dale: Youth detainees set to return to damaged facility after eight-hour riot (ABC News)

2018 - 7 July: Don Dale youth detention centre detainees try to light fire, police called in (ABC News)

2017 - 21 March: Don Dale: Teenagers mistreated after tear-gassing win compensation from NT Government (ABC News)

2017 - 18 March: Don Dale female detainees given morning-after pill following alleged sex during riot (ABC News)

2015 - 5 January: Teenage prison riot at Darwin's Don Dale injures guard and causes $50,000 damage (ABC News)

2014 - 25 August: Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre to shut within days after tear gas riot (ABC News)

2014 - 22 August: Teens tear-gassed in clash at Darwin's Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre (ABC News)

Royal Commission

2018 - 17 November: Don Dale: NT Government accused of inaction on youth detention royal commission findings (ABC News)

2017 - 21 November: The royal commission into NT youth detention has failed children (ABC News)

2017 - 21 November: NT royal commission finds girls in youth detention subjected to 'inappropriate sexualised behaviour' (ABC News)

2017 - 17 November: Youth detention royal commission: NT's Don Dale centre should be closed, report recommends (ABC News)

2016 - 26 July: Four Corners: PM Turnbull to set up royal commission into mistreatment of children in detention (ABC News)

2016 - 25 July: Q&A: Gillian Triggs calls for inquiry into mistreatment of children in Northern Territory detention centres (ABC News)

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