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09 - East Victoria Park House

East Victoria Park House

Built in 1932, this 1,005m² property is currently inhabited by a number of squatters.

I first visited this house during the day, after having a chat to a painting contractor next door. He told me that it'd been abandoned for a while and it was just a matter of time before they proceeded with the demolition, as it was earmarked for a series of townhouses. Just like the neighbouring property where he was working at. We had a chat about me photographing old houses and buildings. I wasn't sure if I should quickly nip in to take some photos but he told me to go for it and he'd keep an eye out for the squatters.

The man was right. There was definitely squatters living here and aside from it appearing to be current, there could have been as many as six of them. Some of the inside areas was a mess, although others parts were a bit neater.


The second time I visited at night was with two friends. A mesh fence was now installed on the right handside and padlocked in place, although the front door was wide open. It appeared that we'd disturbed a (female?) squatter, so we took some quick photos and left.

Whilst there's no current development applications listed with the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the place remains rather unliveable. Since our second visit, it appears that this house has since been listed for lease buuuut... good luck to them!

Property listing records:
     - 01 February 2021: listed for lease for $350 per week
    - 15 August 2017: listed for sale but not sold (listed for 414 days)
    - 21 May 2015: listed for sale but not sold (listed for 145 days)
    - 17 May 2013: sold on for $900,000 (listed for 258 days)
    - 01 September 2012: first listed for sale for $995,000

01 - February 2021

02 - April 2021

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