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05 - Cygnet Theatre Como

Australian Property Collective (APC)

Founded in 2017 as a “property syndication, project management, marketing and sales business,” the  developers purchased the Cygnet Theatre, as well as adjoining land. APC created a concept plan for a “comprehensive, mixed-use development,” as a result of community and stakeholder consultation.


The Heritage Impact Statement was prepared by Element (Element Advisory Pty Ltd) to assist the Heritage Council of Western Australia consider the proposed concept plans for redevelopment. With over 30 years of experience solidifying their reputation as one of Perth’s leading experts in a multi-disciplinary field, which includes planning to community stakeholder engagement, heritage services and consulting, they have won numerous awards, including two prestigious Planning Institute of Australia awards for Improving Planning Processes and Minister for Planning.


Australian Property Collective have also teamed up with Fred Zuideveld of Zuideveld Marchant Hur (ZMH), Level 5 Design (movement), Emerge (landscaping design), Schuler Shook (theatre design), Sixth Sense (food and beverage), Randall Management (theatre consultants) and Luke Ellis (architectural modelling). A solid team that should give the people of Perth high confidence that this redevelopment not only will go ahead, it will be completed to perfection, successfully see the goal of saving the Theatre as well as ensuring the area of Preston Street once again becomes a hive of activity.


Development Planning

Aside from the Cygnet Theatre, the area of Preston Street is continuing to undergo planning for future development, with the hopes of restoring the vitality and social attraction it was once known for. It is known as the Preston Street Revival project.


Aside from multiple cinematic expansions to the venue, plans for the Cygnet Theatre includes a multi-storey mixed-use development (a term that is almost-always now used in development applications) to ensure a wide variety of uses are available for stakeholders and the community. Furthering the typical standard, this is inclusive of residential apartments, commercial offices as well as a number of food and beverage venues.


The auditorium of the theatre, as can be seen in the venue, will be modified to accommodate live theatre and performances.


The current height limit for the block the Cygnet Theatre is located on is 10.5 metres, which is equivalent to about three storeys. It seems a little antiquated, considering in particular the residential apartments that are or have started to be built in the area that are to a much greater height but at the same time, a limit of three appears to be a conservative yet respectable height that limits any such imposing building that could threaten to change the area’s image.


Still, it’s all a step in the right direction. Change can be difficult to adjust to but most people in communities concerned, appear to prefer places of interest reinvigorated at almost any cost, rather than to remain in a continuing spiral state of dilapidation, with a risk of damage and graffiti, as well as forcibly turned into a home by squatters.


The Cygnet Theatre could be reopened in May 2024… stay tuned!

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