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02 - Glen Iris Lake Golf Course

Glen Iris Lake Golf Course

The Glen Iris Lake Golf Course, set on 54.9 hectares, permanently closed in March 2020 after being sold to Eastcourt Property Group in the same month.


Despite being a publicly open golf course with no membership required, recent years leading up to its closure saw a steady decline in the number of golfers playing the course.


Irrigation was switched off and the lakes were drained, turning almost everything lush green into a brittle brown. Most notably, judging from published community comments, black cockatoos and quendas appeared to suffer the most from the lack of water available. A number of quendas had reportedly drowned in backyard pools, although some were rescued in time.


For neighbouring residents, the lack of water plagued the area with dust to the point they were unable to open their windows or eat outside.


As of 11 September 2023, the Western Australian Planning Commission had approved the former golf course for residential development, which includes sites reserved for public open space.

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