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04 - Hillarys Marina Lighthouse

Hillarys Marina Lighthouse

The North Breakwater Lighthouse at Hillarys Boat Harbour was originally installed on Bedout Island, a 31 hectare sandy bank with a limestone bedrock just off the Pilbara coast.


The 20 metre tower was installed at its current location in 1986 after being refurbished and fitted with a new lens. Its helix design gives you two sets of stairs to climb to access the viewing platform.


Located 18kms north of Perth in the suburbs, Hillarys Boat Harbour caters for more than 450 boats and is a popular tourist attraction. Even for locals, there’s always so much to do at the Harbour, including:

  • Enjoy a drink or a meal at the many jetty venues

  • Swim at the family-friendly beach

  • Visit AQWA – The Aquarium of Western Australia

  • Catch the ferry to Rottnest Island

  • Shop at the local markets and

  • Events tend to be held here from time to time.


Hillarys Boat Harbour was named after WWI Gallipoli veteran Bertram John Hillary, who became blind in his right eye during the war. He came to the area during the depression to fish with his brother and went on to build a beach shack to live in with his wife and four children, the only residents in the area at the time.


The Army later use the area during WWII and labelled their map with Hillary’s Beach, a name that became permanent. Bert died in 1957 and his shack, as well as 14 others that were later built, was destroyed in a massive storm in 1964.

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