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11 - Carillon City Perth Festival - Rebecca Bauman Light Event

Perth Festival - Carillon City Arcade

Firstly, a BIG shout-out to the awesome Perth Festival crew I met this arvo! Casper, Kayla, Stephen and Steven! (Apologies to Casper and Kayla, the photo of you together didn't come out, so will defo need to retake it!)

The Perth Festival's Linda Tegg's Wetland with Vivienne Hansen &

Rebecca Baumann Light Event

NOW on at the Carillon City Arcade!

It is a free event, accessible from the Hay Street Mall end of Carillon City from Friday 9 February to Sunday 3 March.

 - Tuesday to Thursday: 11am to 6pm

 - Fridays: 11am to 8pm

 - Saturday to Sunday: 11am to 5pm

Official website:

I was expecting to see a few plants on white-tiled floor, as depicted in a media article a few weeks back. I was more interested in seeing the coloured light display. Judging from the photo on the website, it looked quite interesting and everyone who knows me knows I love colour.

Turns out the photo on the webpage was from a previous event and that photos from this year's event are still to be uploaded to the site as they were only taken today, the first day of the event.

The temperature was something around 40 degrees in Perth today. (I never pay attention to it if it's during the week, as come 10.30am, I'm always wearing a jumper on our freezing cold office floor!)

Without a doubt, I did feel a slight intense heat when I finished work for the day and headed over to the Carillon City Arcade, via Hay Street Mall. Once I was down the stairs, previously the escalators, the cool temperature set in.


An abandoned food court, home to thousands and more memories of long ago served as the setting. Back when people didn't work from home and were happy to come to the city, which has seen many a change since the long ago 80's and 90's. Then again, brain zapping gadgets and mobile phones hadn't replaced social skills!

All that was missing was the sounds of frogs from somewhere in the depths of the green vegetation. A mosquito had already made itself at home and no doubt, will quickly replicate itself over the following few weeks.

The Perth Festival staff were ever so approachable and awesome to chat to. It was an unusual scene and whilst a somewhat small display, it was quite enjoyable to see what Kayla described as a "zombie apocalypse".

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