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01 - Fast Eddys Perth

Fast Eddys Perth

A big thankyou to Jason and his team at Northbridge Sales & Leasing!


Remember those long nights in the city or Northbridge's club and pub sessions, which left you clinging for life from hunger pains?

Or the excitement of an anticipated concert at the Perth Entertainment Centre, as you munched on great burgers before it started, with a Super Shake or hot fudge sundae to finish?

From family meals, Christmas lunches and wedding receptions, its versatility helped establish its popularity.

With gluten free burgers made from 100% natural ingredients and fresh meat, it was the number one go-to place at the end of the night, for a breakfast to ease the hangover or just for a munch at lunch.

10 - Fast Eddys Perth

After 41 years of operating in Western Australia, Fast Eddys Perth closed for good on Sunday 12 May 2019.


Founded in 1979 by Christopher and Con Somas, they sold the business to Ernie and Mark Galloway during the mid-1990's. The new owners expanded the business with new restaurants in Morley, Armadale, Cannington, Kalgoorlie and Fremantle. By 2001, they'd reached New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria but things went sour in 2002 when the company went into receivership with most of the stores in the eastern states closing down and the WA restaurants being sold off as franchises.


Fast Eddys Perth has remained vacant ever since its closure. The once popular corner restaurant sadly remains waiting for someone to come and unlock the doors, to revive its nostalgic past.


The interior of the restaurant remains the same as the day staff walked out for the very last time. The unique decor and the quaint charm, well-preserved over the years.

10 - Balga Raymor Ruins

The west end of the CBD has slowly become increasingly busier with a number of pubs and clubs in session throughout the night and some until morning. A number of pending developments for high-density housing are due to start and the Perth Hub project is nearing completion. The RAC Arena is located in close proximity and would no doubt make the restaurant very profitable on event nights.


Particularly as there’s very little competition for a good meal late at night in the Milligan Street area, the old Fast Eddys restaurant is begging to be reborn.


We need a restaurant to open in the west-end side of the city. Who wants to walk all the way over to Northbridge or to malls when you're in this area?


Surely someone out there wants to rekindle the nostalgia of the past?


​To fulfil a dream of owning their own restaurant?


A place to foster their personal creativeness and intiatives as their own boss, setting themselves apart from other eateries?

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