03 - Fremantle Beach Hostel Vintage Phot

Fremantle Beach Hostel

Vintage Photos

There are thousands of photos left behind at the Fremantle Beach Street Hostel and it's a safe bet, the developers won't give a shit about them when they come to dispose of everything in sight before demolition begins.

These are someone's history.


Not everyone cares about photos or history, even if it's from their own family but we rescued some of the oldest photos we could find and hope to return them to the families. We are in the process of tracking down the surviving members of the people pictured in the uploaded photos.

It's also an important part of Perth's history.

Eric Reynolds

Brother of Grandma Walker

Walker Family

G.L. Walker Bickley

The Meckering Earthquake took place on 14 October 1968 but these photos looks so much older. My guess is that these photos are from around 1940 but I could be way off.

Unsorted Photos

"664" Bundle of Photos (1969)

We have been told that these photos are likely that of Mount Clarence in Albany.

"760" + "785" Photos