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Getting a Good Night's Sleep!

​2 am – Finally get to sleep. It’s cold and about 6°C.
2.45 – Mosquitoes zoom around noisily.
3.07 – Scratch mosquito bite.
4.10 – Wake up quickly. Man walking by looks like he’s going to steal my bag.
4.15 – It’s so cold. So freezing!!!
4.35 – Get asked for a cigarette! I’m trying to sleep!!!
4.37 – Patrol car tells me to move on
4.41 – Return to spot to sleep
5.01 – Delivery trucks zoom down Hay Street Mall. Can’t they be any quieter?
5.09 – People walk by, staring at me like I am in the zoo.
5.11 – Mosquito bite starts to bleed. Man who wants to steal my bag stares at me from the otherside of the mall.
5.19 – The city is covered in a thick cold frost. How I wish I was somewhere else.
5.34 – More delivery trucks roar past. A group of Aboriginals walk by, yelling and screaming abuse at each other. Pop my head up to look and cop some abuse myself.
5.49 – Some guy sits next to me and tries to chat me up. Can’t I get any sleep around here?
5.51 – Man lights up a cigarette. Does he care I am allergic to smoke?
5.59 – Police blue paddy wagon drives past slowly and stares at me. Come on boys, you’re almost at Fast Eddys . . . don’t give up now!
6.15 – Get up. Too many commuters and delivery trucks. Please tell them I am not something you watch at the zoo.
6.24 – Sit against a tree where Shirley will come. Can’t wait for breakfast!
6.39 – It must be at least 2°C. I’m so cold!
7.15 – Fall asleep.
7.35 – Sun starts to come up. Bright rays stun my eyes.
7.49 – Starting to warm up. A nice stretch . . . there’s nothing better.
7.51 – Large flock of birds settle loudly in the Supreme Court Gardens.
8.05 – Heaps of my streetie mates come and sit down for a chat. No peace right now but at least I have my mates.
8.11 – Mates start smoking mull (marijuana). Food van will be here soon. I’m so thankful for what I have – especially my mates.

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