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10 - ChemCentre East Perth

ChemCentre East Perth

Located at 100 Plain Street, East Perth, this heritage-listed building formed the Industrial Chemistry section of the Government's Laboratory. It was later referred to as the Material Science Building, Chemistry Centre and then today as ChemLabs.

The site was chosen in 1940, due to the previous location on Wellington Street being too crowded, as well as the continual damaging vibrations coming from the adjacent Royal Perth Hospital plant. The WA Government Chemical, Mineralogical and Analytical Laboratory moved to this site in 1942 and officially opened in November 1944.

The only building to have survived, being the Industrial Chemical Section, was constructed in 1952. ChemLabs is now located at Curtin University in Bentley and this site was completely vacated in 2009. It's just a matter of time before the latest apartment complex redevelopment takes place here.


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