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32 - Claremont Police Station & Detectives Office

Claremont Police Station

The Claremont Police Station & Detectives Office was once located on Stirling Highway. It’s sadly joined the list of extinct infrastructure after years of political shuffling of paperwork for the purposes of offloading government assets for a short-lived injection of funds. Many other assets remain abandoned for years, awaiting the process of some so-called ‘preparing a site for sale,’ including the McCall Centre in Cottesloe and Riverbank Prison in Caversham.


Stepping aside from that, Claremont Police Station was built in 1958 as a result of an increased population in the area. It was built as a 'post-war international style,' which was said to characterise subsequent police stations until the 1980's.


It later became a Detectives office, most notably known for their role in the Claremont Serial Killer investigations. The station closed in September 2013. Rezoning of the site was required, prior to the site being disposed of by the State Government. A process which appears to have taken them 10 years, all while the building remained vacant and boarded up.


It’s believed that underneath the carpark, there may be some archaeological findings from the Freshwater Bay Convict Depot but it’s probably too late now that the site has been flattened and no doubt, the earth considerably deep has been disturbed.

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