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North Fremantle Green House

This heritage-listed house is a typical timber-framed weatherboard, asbestos and iron, single storey cottage. It's historically significant as it represents the typical workers house at the time it was built in 1934, for returned serviceman Charles Percival Rule, who became a long-term councillor for North Fremantle and Fremantle. Charles died on 8 September 1986, aged 76 and the property remained in the Rule family until 1990.

  • 2017 - Leapfrog listed a project description for the site

  • ​2016 (07 December) - The Fremantle City Council approved the application for redevelopment, subject to strict conditions.

  • ​2016 (12 September) - The Fremantle City Council received an application for this property to build a two storey development that would transition to three storeys at the rear of the property to include four apartments (2 x single bedroom and 2 x two bedroom) as well as two office tenancies.The proposal included a partial demolition and incorporation of the existing heritage-listed single dwelling.

  • ​2016 (March) - The house was sold for $740,000

  • 2013 (04 December) - The property was listed as a Development Opportunity.

  • 2012 (18 January) - The application to demolish the house was refused under the Metropolitan Region Scheme and Local Planning Scheme as it was "considered to be of 'some' cultural heritage significance.

  • 2011 (15 November) - An external heritage assessment was submitted to the Fremantle City Council. The report stated the house still had a moderate degree of integrity and authenticity. The garage/shed and toilet did not contribute to the heritage significance of the property and could be demolished without adverse impact.

  • 2011 (11 October) - An application was received by the Fremantle City Council for a proposal to demolish the house.

  • 2007 (08 March) - The property was heritage listed

  • 1995 (June) - The house was sold for $170,000

  • 1992 (November) - The house was sold for $97,500

  • 1990 (January) - The house was sold for $70,000

01 - September 2020

02 - June 2021

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