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26 - Gosnells Family Hospital

Gosnells Family Hospital

The Gosnells Family Hospital was registered on 28 November 1985 and cancelled on 19 June 2002.


It operated under the trading name of Family Hospitals Pty Ltd, which was first registered on 09 January 1985 in Gosnells. The entity name remained operating from Western Australia until 04 May 2016 when on the same day, they moved to Adelaide, South Australia.


Other business names registered under the Family Hospitals Pty Ltd trading name include:

  • Gosnells Family Specialist Centre – registered on 27 January 1989 and cancelled on 04 March 2004. They were located across the road at 86 Eudoria Street, which later became the Armadale Mental Health Service.

  • Gosnells Family Medical Centre – registered on 03 November 1988 and cancelled on 11 December 2003, also operating across the road at 79 Eudoria Street.


The small family hospital was situated in a large building that was built in 1986 on a 5,255 m² block of land. Although it’s very hard to find any information on all that is mentioned of the businesses that operated from this location, as well as the property in question, the Gosnells Family Hospital operated from here between 1995 to 2000. It’s quite possible they were located here since first registering their business name but 1995 is the first online search mention I could find.


Galliers Private Hospital

Sometime in 2001, Gosnells Family Hospital appears to have been bought out by Galliers Private Hospital & Specialist Centre, who were registered on 01 May 2001 until 28 June 2007. They operated under the trading name of Redray Enterprises Pty Ltd, which was registered on 5 November 1997 in Gosnells and is still current.


It’s hard to identify how long Galliers continued operating from the original location in the years that followed but brief mention can be found of their relocation to the Armadale Health Service, located on the same site as the Armadale Hospital in Mount Nasura.


The Armadale Hospital took over the Galliers Private Hospital & Specialist Centre in February 2005.


Amaroo Village

The property sold for $2,310,000 on 20 May 2008, possibly to the Amaroo Village, who owned a chain of aged care facilities in the area for both independent and high level care.


There’s no mention of this property on Amaroo Village’s website between 2005-2012 so it could be the case that it wasn’t used for aged care, despite it definitely taking the appearance of one. It may have been limited to a number of community services group until 2011 but ownership was attributed to the Amaroo Village in a brief mention of The Woodturners Association of Western Australia Inc newsletter in 2011. In it they say they have been told to vacate as, “Communicare Inc have won a Commonwealth Government tender to convert the hospital so as to provide suitable accommodation for asylum seeking illegal immigrants”.


This surely couldn’t have sat well with the local Gosnells community!



A development application was lodged with the City of Gosnells in 2011 (DA11/00184) and seemingly approved, although it was mentioned on a council document that ‘migrant’ had not been listed on the initial application. It could be the case that Communicare were attempting to have a hostel application passed through, which would then be purposed for “asylum seeking illegal immigrants”.


During this time, Communicare may have located their community and cultural services from the property, as this was certainly the case in 2015 (p18).


The Years That Followed

The Collective Hope Gosnells Church held a Sunday service from the property from around August 2019 for no more than two years. It is appears that this property was then left vacant.

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