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01 - Princess Margaret Hospital - YouthZone - January 2021

Princess Margaret Hospital

These pages are dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of children and families who
were affected by PMH in more ways than one, both good and bad.

Thankyou to all the nurses, doctors, counsellors, support staff, youth and social workers, cleaners,
ground staff, volunteers, any and everyone who worked there.

A special thanks to all those who were able to assist with documenting PMH's demolition.

Whilst all so far wish to remain anonymous, the photos on the following pages
come from contractors, urban explorers and a drone.

We can't save every building but documenting them in any way possible is important.
For history's sake!

History and research write-up coming soon!

(Pages currently being reorganised)

04 - Princess Margaret Hospital - January 2019

January 2019

January 2021
01 - Princess Margaret Hospital - January 2021
27 - Princess Margaret Hospital - Childrens' Areas - January 2021

Childrens' Areas

Charles Moore Building and Harry Boan Building.

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