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03 - High Street Vet Fremantle

High Street Vet

Located 2.6km east of Fremantle's city centre, the site contains two buildings with one being the High Street Vet, although its official name was the Fremantle Veterinary Hospital. It has been neglected for many years and as a consequence, has become fairly dilapidated.

Constructed in 1906, the main building is a single storey limestone and iron house and is an example of the Victorian Georgian style of architecture. It appears that the site was considered for a heritage status occurred in 2005 but it wasn't listed.

​The site was listed for auction on 27 August, 2020 from a minimum price of $1,680,000 but didn't sell.

The only recorded transaction for this site occurred in January 1988 when it was sold for $105,000.

01 - July 2020