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15 - Chinese Banjup Mansion

Chinese Banjup Mansion

For what seems like years, people have been asking about this place or trying to gain access only to be chased away by caretakers or alarms. Cameras have always been installed.

It got to the point where the Sergeant of Cockburn Police Station got on the radio one morning and stated that the place was not abandoned... do not go there.

The story was always said to be that the owner was stuck overseas as a result of the closed borders that resulted from COVID.

Well now it's for sale.

Described as a Chinese Style Confucius Mansion, it encompasses two blocks of land over 4.48 hectares of rural zoning. Surprisingly, it's said to have only been built sometime between 2014-2017 and was never occupied.

Workplace Incident

In 2018, PT Supplies Group Pty Ltd, who were established on 7 December 2015, were charged with not providing a safe workplace for an employee to prevent serious harm and a second charge of failing to notify anyone of the incident.

On 27 February 2018 when construction of the residence had been completed, employees were living on the property. The employee who would go on to suffer a serious injury was a 19 year old man employed as a general labourer. He could speak very little English and could not read or write. Whilst he had no previous experience as a labourer, in any trades, did not have a High Risk Work Licence or Forklift ticket, he was engaged to do work for $15 an hour with $50 being taken from his pay to cover accommodation.

The employee was directed by the Director to "clear a fire break of pallets of bricks/tiles and debris and with the help of another employee, they worked into the early evening.

He had not been instructed on the requirements of conducting a pre-start check, he did not even know what one was, nor did he have a manual to read in his language. When he noticed the chain of the forklift was crooked, he tried to grab the chains with both hands to lift them back onto the wheel when the chains suddenly tensioned and caught both his hands.

After some time, an ambulance was called to site but the paramedics were unable to free his hands. Upon the attendance of the Fire and Emergency Service firefighters sometime later, they were eventually able to free his hands. The employee was rushed to hospital which led to several fingers on each hand being amputated.

PT Supplies Group Pty Ltd pleaded guilty to two charges:

1. Failing to provide a safe working environment and causing serious harm - fined $220,000

2. Failing to forthwith notify the Commissioner of a prescribed injury - fined $20,000

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