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Bayswater Antique House

The owner of this property died in March 2018. Listed for auction on 22 June 2019, it didn't sell. A Health Order conveys that the property is currently uninhabitable. It appears to have been like that for quite some time, even when the elderly man was residing there.

Rumours had it that the property was used for child sex slaves at one point. To date, we've found no evidence to support that.

Although... it is strange to see so many locks on doors and cupboards. It could simply be a security measure by an overly protective owner but that niggling thought of people being locked in?

Throughout our online research, we've only been able to find the name of men who've either resided at this address or perhaps, may have used it as a postal address.

So yeah... that's a lot of nylon stockings near the porn wall plus two pairs of shoes on the floor!?!

The house was demolished in 2022.


December 2020

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October 2021

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