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07 - Midway Taxi Management

Midway Taxi Management

Registered on 17 July 1982, Hans Merks Motors (1979) was located here at Oxford Street Leederville until they moved out in 1987. Their business name was due to be renewed on 17 July 1988 and was left to expire.

Interestingly, no business name registration can be found for Midway Taxi Management under a number of different searches, nor the ABR website (which came to existence years after this company seemed to have no longer existed).

During sometime in the early 1970s, the block was cleared of the two existing commercial businesses that were located here and a small rectangular office was constructed. This forms most of the building we can see today that runs along the back wall, although it had previously stopped some five metres from the northern wall. It was extended to the wall between 1982-1983, as well as the verandah shelter in the opposite direction. The centre carport shelter was constructed in the late 1980s and is popular today with skateboarders, with its ramps and add-ons.

Originally consisting of three properties, the centre and southern lot amalgamate to form a car sales yard during the early 1960s. When the site was cleared sometimes in the early 1970s, it formed one property over 2,914m² and since this time, has appeared to have been used for car sales until Midway Taxi Management took over. Many of the images that can be found online, show that the yard was largely, if not all, used for Swan Taxis.

Burgess Rawson sold the site for $9.1 million on 5 March 2021.

01 - August 2020

02 - July 2021

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