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14 - Pier Street Warehouse

Pier Street Warehouse

Little history or information can be found on this warehouse, which was built in 1970.

Since 2009, aside from two or so short term tenancies including Coates Hire, it appears to have largely remained vacant.

Pier Street Warehouse 220-224 Pier Street Perth

Sometime around 2009, Marchese Partners had their development application for a 29-storey hotel approved for the site with a total height of 109m.

In 2015, two sky-high apartments were proposed, with a swimming pool at the top, connecting the two buildings. The twin buildings would be constructed to a height of 29 storeys for a 150-room hotel and a 16-storey office building. Developer Yuanlong (Aust) Investment Group wanted to build the $145m apartment complex containing 150 units for the owner Mirvac Capital.

Pier Street Warehouse 220-224 Pier Street Perth Hotel
19 - Pier Street Warehouse

The warehouse is sold in October 2022 for $12.1m.

In 2023, a six-storey storage facility containing 1,635 storage units was approved at a cost of $33m on this 3,490 sqm site. It will also contain a box shop and two commercial tenancies. Designed by Ewert Leaf Architects, the City of Perth unanimously approved the development application last year.

The warehouse was demolished in February 2024.

National Storage 220-224 Pier Street Perth
National Storage 220-224 Pier Street Perth 2
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