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16 - Ascot Neptune Pools Warehouse

Ascot Neptune Pools Warehouse

Neptune Pools was located on a 2,439sqm block before being demolished in early 2021. It was said they couldn't keep up with internet sales and eventually folded up.

There are a number of business names registered for Neptune Pools in Western Australia. One that appears to be the most relevant, was registered on 26 March 2013 and cancelled on 26 March 2019.

A feature article in The West Australian (28 January 2006) said the owner first began the business in 1980 and has since won 55 pool awards in the past 17 years, including several for indoor projects.

In August 2006, Neptune Pools won the prestigious Pool of the Year award for a "stunning Mosman Park pool and spa combination with a vanishing edge overlooking the Swan River. The pool features are maintained automatically from the home's computerised CBUS electrical system and include a water leveller and gas heater and jet pumps in the spa" (The West Australian, 19 August 2006).

In January 2008, Neptune Pool was the "topscoring WA lap pool with a cleverly engineered concrete pool at a new home in Mosman Park. To build the pool, Neptune cut out most of a boundary retaining wall and the pool was then built on top of the remaining wall. Although the pool depth varies from 1.2m to 1.8m, it looks the same depth overall" (The West Australian, 26 January 2008).

A further search of The West Australian newspaper archives displays an impressive quantity of articles, most published in the New Homes section, largely detailing the many awards they have won.

A brief search of the fire that ravaged parts of the warehouse comes up with nothing in either Google or The West Australian Newspaper archives.

Neptune Pools appear to have had a close alliance with Leisure Pools, who were known to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of fireglass swimming pools, plunge pools, spas, swimming pools and water features, both in Australia and the United States.

Brief Timeline

  • Warehouse demolished in early 2021

  • Property listed on 6 November 2019 for 923 days and not sold

  • Listed on 20 October 2015 for 320 days and not sold

  • Last sold in July 2013 for $2,150,000

  • Sold in October 2010 for $2,250,000

  • Sold in October 1997 for $390,000

  • Sold in June 1990 for #390,000

  • The warehouse was build in 1969.

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