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Beaconsfield Merlino Fruit & Vege

This fruit & vegetable wholesalers was one of the first to be developed in the 1960s, though sadly, history will soon be replaced with the customary 'vibrant mixed-use residential' developments.

The current development application for this site proposes 25 grouped dwellings in the form of townhouses with a mix of housing sizes.


The one-bedroom home is designed with an open plan living, entertainer's alfresco and secure parking on the ground floor. Stairs to the first floor leads to a spacious bedroom with a balcony, built-in robes, en suite and separate WC.


On the opposite spectrum, bigger townhouses have been planned with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The ground floor is relatively the same as that of a one-bedroom home aside from a WC and presumably being more spacious. The first floor consists of the three bedrooms with built in robes, a family bathroom, main en suite, European laundry and study area.

Only three of the properties are visible upon searching real estate websites, so perhaps that is all that remains to be sold. No doubt, that would mean the development would surely begin soon.

Finding information on the origins of the site is near impossible, particularly due to the lengthy history the families behind the fruit & vegetable wholesalers have been at the same location, therefore limiting the rental and sales history to zilch, as well as the internet search results all being swamped with apartment sales for this new development.

A search on the original business name shows that it was first registered on 20 January 1981 and cancelled on 28 February 2005. Unless they changed the business name, it's a mind-blowing long time since they were in business. Surely, the warehouse couldn't have stayed vacant for 17 years?

Three sets of couples seem to be the families behind the long-running fruit & vegetable wholesalers business, as listed as Entity Names. The associated ABN was cancelled on 31 March 2004, although the trading name under this Entity was only registered a year before on 26 April 2003. Perhaps they took over from the original family member who was the backbone of the business?

Between 1942 and 2015, there are eight family members with the same surname as the business name, who have passed away, all in the Beaconsfield region. More importantly, one key name stands out, who appears to have played the biggest role in this family business. He passed away in 2003, aged 67.

Whilst I've made every effort to refrain from using the family name in my somewhat limited research, as well as blurring parts of my photos out of respect, it could be deemed important to tribute the important role this family played in the developing fruit and vegetable markets. It's quite possible the family involved in this business wouldn't have a problem with me mentioning the surname but I have only just begun looking into the history of this business, which sadly comes up with almost nothing in online searches. With exception to the business supplying the Royal Australian Army with fruit and vegetables in 1993.

Sadly, another one bites the dust.

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