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03 - Bramall Street Warehouse

Bramall Street Warehouse


Fineline Print & Copy

Located on Bramall Street in East Perth and built on a 491m² block in 1967, this warehouse was originally home to Fineline Print & Copy. Some time after March 2018, it appears they'd vacated the property and relocated to Aberdeen Street, Perth, suggesting that the building may have been vacant for a number of years before redevelopment took place in December 2020.


Fineline Print and Copy Service appear to have been established on 30 May 2000, with another branch located in Sydney. Whilst the business name is still registered in Western Australia, it appears they've since amalgamated with Scott Print, who was established in 1930. The NSW branch appears to be independent, continuing to operate under the business name of Fineline Print & Copy Service NSW.

The following photos were taken from the perimeter fences.

Page 3 - Bramall Street East Perth Redevelopment Plans

Development Application

A development application was lodged in September 2018, seeking to change the Metropolitan Region Scheme's 'Urban' zoning and City of Vincent's Local Planning Scheme No. 2's 'Commercial' zoning to that of 'Community Purpose'.

The proposal was to relocate The Shopfront from their current Maylands premises to this Bramall Street warehouse, which would require a number of changes to be addressed and approved, subsequently renovating the building to facilitate the community services they would continue to provide.

Shopfront, now located on John Street in Bentley, offers help and support to those experiencing difficulties

in life including homelessness, budgeting, depression, loneliness, addictions and violence. Founded in
2001, they provide a safe environment with food and drink, host the services of the Homeless Healthcare

doctor, can assist with food parcels for both individuals and families and are connected to a community

network for referral purposes. These services are associated with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Perth

and manned by a team of dedicated volunteers.

The City of Vincent Council approved the zoning change (p.20), valid for a two year period from the date of commencement. Limitations included a maximum of 60 people to be on the premises at one time, including four full-time staff and six volunteers. Hours of operation during Monday to Friday with no visitors present, was set between 8.30am to 5pm and the allowance for visitors limited to 10am to 2pm.

A Community Consultation Submission Form was published on October 1, 2018 but no further information or results on the development application can be found on Google or the City of Vincent's website.

03 - Bramall Street Warehouse Property Listing - September 2021

The Bramall Street warehouse was first sold in May 1995 for $227,500 and then again in June 2021 for $946,000 after being listed for 1,056 days (2.8 years).


The new owners leased the property three months later in September for $58,950 per week (that really doesn't sound right!!), after being listed for lease for 1,146 days (3.1 years - how is that even possible??).

02 - Bramall Street Warehouse

On November 5, 2021, a building permit was granted for a fitout of the warehouse to occur for the purposes of a cafe and office, at a cost of $500,000 (p.4).

Maison Saint-Honore

The premises are now occupied by Maison Saint-Honore, who was first registered as a company on 9 May 2011. Sub company names have been registered as Maison Saint-Honore Caversham (12 August 2019) and Maison Saint-Honore Carillon (02 October 2014), trading as Alexander's Macaroon. It appears both company names cover five shop locations.

Saint Honore is a pastry dessert named after the French patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs (AD 600).

Started by Alexandre in 2010, he began producing macarons (a sweet meringue-based sandwich cookie), following traditional French recipes before expanding to fresh cakes, bread, pastries and daily breakfast meals. The Caversham macaron and cake factory was established in November 2016 by both chef-owners Alexandre and Laure and appears to be an amazing place to enjoy a French breakfast. Just like in many cafes and restaurants in France, dogs are permitted to accompany their owner but only in a designated outdoor area.

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