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Hazelmere Fertal Waste Warehouse

Abandoned in mid-2019, this warehouse was demolished in November 2021.

A development application was lodged (p.7) on 20 September 2022 and approved on 20 February 2023 for a 'proposed industrial warehouse and ancillary uses' to be constructed on the site, post demolition, at a cost of $15 million. As of September 2023, site works is yet to start, which is certainly something quite normal.

Comprising of three blocks, the property is 8.19 hectares, with lot 141 comprising of a factory, warehouse and offices. It was previously used for the purposes of an animal rendering plant (category of Industry - Noxious) well before 2014.

Whilst lots 21 and 22 are vacant blocks, they are covered in vegetation throughout.

Previous council approvals sought - Lot 141

1974 - Additions to factory

1982 - Transportable office

1985 - Extension to building

2003 - General industrial building, offices

2008 - Enclose receiving bay

Previous council approvals sought - Lots 21 and 22

1988 - Effluent water lagoons (refused)

2004 - Transport depot (cancelled)

2005 - Cut and fill (cancelled)

2011 - 4 lot subdivision

2011 - Transport depot (refused)

In 2014, the three combined properties were zoned as:

Town Planning Scheme: General Rural

Metropolitan Region Scheme: Rural/Primary Regional Road Reserve

The four Owner/Directors with Goodman Property Services (WA) Pty Ltd and APP Corporation Pty Ltd as applicants, sought to amend the Additional Uses of Local Planning Scheme No.17 to include:

  • Industry-General

  • Transport Depot

  • Warehouse

Fertal Holdings

It appears they were the main company (and owners) on this property for a very long time. According to ASIC, Fertal Holdings was registered on 03 July 1974 and the company name was later changed to Swan Regional Services Pty Ltd. Whilst ASIC lists the company as being deregistered on 24 February 2021, the Australian Business Register tells a different story, which seems to be quite common.

Feral Holdings Pty Ltd was first registered on 09 June 2000 and is still listed as current. The entity name is registered as The Trustee for the Fertal Unit Trust (registered 07 November 2002 - current) and previously, Fertal Unit Trust (10 March 2000 - 07 November 2002). They are listed in online search results as being either a business in the area of 'stockfeed' or 'recycling and treatment of miscellaneous waste products'.

Swan Regional Services Pty Ltd

Interestingly, there is no listing for Swan Regional Services Pty Ltd in the Australian Business Register, not even under the history of Feral Holdings Pty Ltd. The Company had/has four Owner Directors and their business listings online puts them in the category of Chemical Manufacturers.

Between 2002-2010, the company (including Feral Holdings) were listed with main activities of 'Animal by-products manufacturing', with sub classes of 'Meat Processing' and 'Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing'.


Pollution Control Devices that were installed onsite consisted of:

Other Tenants

Some time prior to 2013, Galloway Electrical Contractors were located at this site before moving to their current location nearby on Dundas Street, as were Relentless Construction, who were registered as a company on 16 February 2011 until 16 February 2014.

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