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International Public Survey 1 - Canada -

International Public Survey 1 (Canada)

Name: Christiane

Country of residence: Canada

​What comes to mind when you think about juvenile offenders?

It is a hard period of life for them, and I hope they grow out of it. And it must be difficult for their family and friends. I am glad I am not working in that very complex field!


Should juvenile offenders be treated and punished the same as adults?


Have you ever been the victim of a juvenile offender?


What kind of things can a court do to change the behaviour of a juvenile offender?

Provide social support; give opportunities for positive actions in society; encourage meeting with the offended party.

Do you think girls offend in the same way and for the same reason as boys?

The path towards adulthood is bound to be marked with gender and social stereotypes. Girls and boys behave accordingly. I would say that wrongdoing in building an identity carries more violence for boys and more self-detestation for girls.

Do you believe juvenile detention is a good option for bad kids?

It might be necessary, but it should be in a special setting for juveniles.

What is your impression of juvenile detention?

The social and human cost is too high just to give the illusion of protection. Repair should find another means, and social problems can be addressed through other schemes.

How can the community help address the issues of a juvenile offender?

Better schools, better social support.

At what age do you think children should be charged?

Children should be given the responsibility more than being charged.

What do you think are the causes of juvenile offending?

Offending is probably a normal step when finding a place in our society.

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