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International Public Survey 5 - Singapor

International Public Survey 5 (Singapore)

Name: Bernard Goh

Country of residence: Singapore

What comes to mind when you think about juvenile offenders?

Juvenile delinquent behaviour is one of the most important issues we face as a nation in this new millennium. Despite the social awareness, juvenile delinquency is on the rise. This gives much cause for concern. Juvenile crime is increasingly more sophisticated, and its participants are becoming younger. Gun violence has spread out from urban centres into suburbia. Drug and alcohol use among adolescents has reached epidemic proportions.

Should juvenile offenders be treated and punished the same as adults?

My personal opinion is that juvenile offenders should be tried as adults. A violent crime is illegal, and if they are already committing a crime, they should be punished so they learn their lesson. Age shouldn't matter, a crime is a crime. They knew what they were doing, and . . . if they murder or hurt somebody and get caught, they know where they are going. These are the reasons why I think juvenile offenders should be tried as adults.


Have you ever been the victim of a juvenile offender?


What kind of things can a court do to change the behaviour of a juvenile offender?

Probation Order and/or Reformative Training.

Do you think girls offend in the same way and for the same reason as boys?

More or less, yes.

Do you believe juvenile detention is a good option for bad kids?

Yes, it would be a good option to take freedom away from them.

What is your impression of juvenile detention?

Miserable, no freedom, bad food.

How can the community help address the issues of a juvenile offender?

The opportunity to commit offences is restricted by community surveillance or by involving known juvenile offenders in structured, supervised, and productive activities. Juvenile justice professionals use a consistent continuum of sanctions in response to a juvenile offender's failure to comply with supervision conditions.

What age do you think children should be charged and why?

Sixteen and above. They should already know the difference between right and wrong.


What do you think are the causes of juvenile offending?

Family issues and social influence.

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