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Jewell House

The following photos are just a series of external shots, monitoring the progress of the building and the dilapidation which tends to come from abandoned buildings after a series of time. Vacated in 2013 when the WA Health Department decided not to renew YMCA Perth's lease, it has remained somewhat dormant since then, although in a good condition for this whole time.

In 2020, I spoke with security at Royal Perth Hospital about obtaining permission in photographing the interior of the building but they said it wasn't possible. Due to a group of "hardcore, feral squatters" who were persistently gaining entry into the building, as well as leaving drug paraphernalia around, they themselves had to enter in no less than a four-man team kitted up with full protection from stab-proof vests and helmets with full face visors.

A development application has since been lodged (and presumed approved) for the redevelopment of this site. A caretaker was said to have been living in the building, or atleast looking after it, although asbestos signs are now displayed in the windows.

Firefighters were also training in the building during 2018 and possibly in the years surrounding it.

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