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Glossary Words

These words were picked up by an American reader, so to an Australian, they may seem like words that are easy to understand, but they have been included in this glossary in case you have difficulties with them, too.

Adjacent – near or next to

Alibi – an excuse or plea of being somewhere else when a crime was committed

Apprehensive – fearful or anxious

Arsonist – someone who intentionally sets a fire

Artillery – large-calibre guns

Colleague – fellow worker

Confiscate – to seize property by authority

Cutlery – knives, forks and spoons

Decoy – person or thing used to lure someone into danger

Detainee – someone held in custody

Diluted – to make less concentrated by adding water

Disgraced – condition of shame, loss of reputation or honour

Embedded – firmly in something solid

Epic – very impressive or ambitious

Erratically – irregular or unpredictable

GST – Goods and Service Tax

Hooligan – a rowdy young person

Hostel – building providing accommodation at a low cost or free for the homeless

Intervene – to involve oneself in a situation, like a conflict, in order to stop something

Juvie – a juvenile offender between the ages of 10 and 18 or a juvenile detention centre

Lush – growing thick and healthily

Magistrate – a public officer administering the law and in charge of a court

Paedophile – a person who is sexually attracted to children

Patron – a regular customer of a shop or restaurant

Perimeter – the outer edge of an area

Poverty – the state of being without enough food or money

Remanded – to send back into custody or put on bail before a trial

Retaliate – to repay an injury or wrong in kind

Sector – a part or subdivision

Shoddy – made or done badly

Surveillance – close observation

TAFE – Technical and Further Education institution

Torrent – a rushing stream or flow of questions

UBD – brand name for a map directory publication

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