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02 - Leighton Battery Tunnel Tour

Leighton Battery Abbreviations

The following abbreviations came up during my research project on the Leighton Battery. It was certainly a lot harder than I imagined to find what the abbrevations stood for, especially as many no longer exist or now stand for something else.

AA                    Anti-Aircraft

AALMG            Anti-Aircraft Light Machine Gun

AASL               Anti-Aircraft Search Light

ABM                 Anti-Ballistic Missile (likely to be an older abbreviation)

ACH                 Area Combined Headquarters

ACMF              Australian Citizens Military Force

ADHgs             Assistant Director of Hirings

ADOS              Assistant Director of Ordnance Services


AEME               Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

AHQ                 Army Headquarters

AMDT              Amendment

AMF                 Australian Military Forces

AMTB               Anti Motor Torpedo Battery/Boat (likely to be an older abbreviation)

ARP                 Air Raid Precautions

AWAS              Australian Womens Army Service

AWC                Advisory War Council

BC                   Battery Commander

BHQ                Battery Headquarters

BOP                 Battery Observation Post

BPR                 Battery Plotting Room

BQMS              Battery Quarter-Master Sergeant

CBBOP            Counter-Bombardment Battery Observation Post

CCA                 Close Combat Attack

CCF                 Commander Coastal Forces

CCRA              Commander Corps Royal Artillery

CDBOP           Coastal Defence Battery Observation Post

CDFCP            Coastal Defence Fire Control Post

CDFC              Coastal Defence Fire Command

CDH                Combined Defence Headquarters

CFD                 Commander Fixed Defences

CFS                  Covering Force Sector

Coy                  Company

COM PER        Communications ----?

COM SEC        Communications Security

CP                   Command Post

CQMS              Company Quarter Master Sergeant

CRE                 Commander Royal Engineers

CSM                Company Sergeant Major

DAAG              Deputy Assistant Adjutant General

DADME           Deputy Assistant Director Mechanical Engineering

DADOS           Deputy Assistant Director Ordnance Services

DADST            Deputy Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport

DAQMG           Deputy Assistant Quarter-Master General

DCRE               Deputy Commander Royal Engineers

DDMS              Deputy Director Mechanical Services

DEL                  Defence Electric Lights (likely to be an older abbreviation)

DFO                 District Finance Officer

DGC                Director General Communications?

DID                  Detail Issue Depot (likely to be an older abbreviation)

DRF                 Depression Range Finder

ESB                 Engineer Stores Base

FCFS                Fire/Fortress Command ----?

FCOH               Fortress Combined Operational Headquarters

FCP                  Fortress Command Post

FET                  Fixed Electrical ----?

FFD                  Fremantle Fixed Defences


FRS                  Fortress?

GHQ                General Headquarters

GOC                General Officer Commanding

HAA                 Heavy Anti-Aircraft

HQAA              Head Quarters Anti-Aircraft

HQFCFS          Head Quarters Fire/Fortress Command ----?

ITC                   Infantry Training Centre

LAA                  Light Anti-Aircraft

LDH                 Land Defence ----? Leading Hand?

LHQ                 Land Quarters

LMG                Light Machine Gun

MBI                  Military Board Instruction


MGO                Major General Ordnance

MGRA              Major General Royal Artillery

NAP                 sleeeeeep!

NCO                Non-Commissioned Officers

NOIC               Naval Officer in charge (possibly a different abbreviation)

OCHQ             Officer Commanding Head Quarters?

OP                   Observation Post

OR                   Other Rank

ORBAT             Order of Battle

PAC                 Projector on absolutely continuous spectrum (this was used when lights was unavailable at Leighton)           

PFD                  Position Finder ----?

POL Store        Petrols, Oils and Lubricants Store

PWSS               Port War Signal Station

Q ACCN          Quarter Accomodation?

QMG                Quarter Master General

RAA                 Royal Australian Artillery

RAAHS            Royal Australian Artillery Historical Society

RAAOC            Royal Australian Artillery Officer Commanding

RAASC            Royal Australian Army Service Corps

RAE                 Royal Australian Engineers

RAEME            Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

RAP                 Regimental Aid Post

RDF                 Range Direction Finding



RVE                  Request for Variation to Entitlement


SCR                 Signal Corps Radio

SDS                 Searchlight Directing Station

SLC                 Search Light Commander?

SLD                 Search Light Directing?

SMO                Senior Medical Officer

TNG                 Training

TRG                 Training

VDC                 Volunteer Defence Corps

WAL                 Western Area ----?

WE                   War Establishment

Wksp               Workshop

WRAAC           Womens Royal Australian Army Corps

W/T                  Wireless Telegraph

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