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02 - Leighton Battery Tunnel Tour

Leighton Battery References

It was easier to add reference numbers to the end of the research information, particularly when many of the titles are very much alike.


Documents have NOT been added due to a range of copyright legalities so to find these documents, contact the agency or go to their website and use the reference number or file name to locate the source.


The Coast Defences of Western Australia (1826-1963): R.K.Glyde – Australian Heritage Commission


National Archives of Australia

NAA: B6591, D8063 - Fremantle Western Australia 5.25 Gun emplacements buildings and services at South Beach, Leighton and
pe Peron

NAA: K283, W259/1/14 - [Western Command; Army] Property works Leighton Battery including lease of land and disposal

NAA: K1214, 9/2/43 - Artillery 9.2 Guns Scriven Battery (Leighton & South Beach included)

NAA: K1214, 30/9/01 PART 2 - Leighton Battery Fremantle General

NAA: K1214, 60/1/02 - Defences Leighton & South Beach

NAA: K1215, W82/2/1 - Defences Leighton Battery Area

NAA: K1215, W305/9/38 - Disposal of Surplus Coast Artillery

NAA: MP742/1, 82/9/5 - Fortress Installations, Fremantle and Albany WA

NAA: PP280/1, M1943/44/160 - Dual Role Battery Buildings North Fremantle (Leighton & South Beach)

NAA: PP280/1, M1961/62/129/1 - Leighton Battery Repairs and Maintenance (Civil)

NAA: PP280/1, M1961/62/129/2 - Leighton Battery Repairs and Maintenance (Electrical)


State Records WA

AU WA S4119- cons955 1943/1074 v2 – Correspondence With Army Hirings Branch

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