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36 - Mandurah United Church Op Shop Area

Mandurah United Church Op Shop Area

I don't know which muppet told me that Mandurah's United Church Op Shop was abandoned but walking around the rear of the property, a number of imminent warnings signs were visible, most likely due to scavenging thieves of the past. I can't recall what signs they were but they may have been for trespassing and/or CCTV cameras.

That was enough to keep me away, particularly as I wasn't confident with the information I'd been given, so I was just happy to photograph the perimeter areas around the op shop, wherever it was located in the church boundary.

Upon uploading the photos to this page, it's very difficult to find any information on the op shop, let alone the Mandurah United Church's website. A number of junk scraper listing websites state the hours the shop is open, as if the information was current but it's hard to tell. Google street imaging from May shows the op shop sign is still visible by the driveway, so it could be assumed it's still open, particularly if the shop is a source of funding for the church and considering the important community assistance the shop offers those in possession of a Health Care Card.

February 2023

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