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Marge - Nurse for the Perth Street Doctor

The curfew is a difficult problem because young people may not have a safe place to go home to and putting young people onto the train may not be a good idea. The welfare agencies are working to solve the problem, but it doesn’t work all the time. I don’t know what to do with young kids unless they are supervised by an agency, but then what do you do in the morning? Give them a good home life some how. Sure, for a group of them, it will work. You get about 40 kids who come out over a weekend. When they first started the curfew, they were just taking anyone off the streets, but then they found they had too many to work with. Now they just place 10 into the JAG office at one time. If they can’t find responsible adults, then DCD and the welfare services are left with them. Maybe home is what they’re running away from. Some come in with money, but they don’t have any to go home with.