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12 - Bickley Battery - AWAS Mess

Bickley Battery - AWAS Kitchen


06 - Bickley Battery - AWAS Quarters

Bickley Battery - AWAS Quarters

Sadly, this is all that remains of the Bickley Battery's AWAS Quarters, located near Jubilee Hill.

12 - Bickley Battery - AWAS Shower Block

Bickley Battery - AWAS SALs

Although I was confident these foundations were for a shower block, it took me awhile to find the official abbreviation for SALs, which is what the army sometimes wrote on their maps and plans around the World War 2 era. Perhaps some sections of the army or the community still use this abbreviation.

SAL - Showers and Latrines

Apparently it also stands for Shit At Life, a nickname given to a soldier who fails at everything. But the abbreviation as Showers and Latrines is said to just be something they say in the older days.

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