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03 - Cape Vlamingh Signal Station - Unidentified Building

Cape Vlamingh - Ablutions

These foundations are very likely to have been for a SALS (Shower and Latrines) building but this needs to be verified.

03 - Cape Vlamingh Signal Station - Trench

Cape Vlamingh - Trench

What appears to be the remains of an old trench. It very likely led into a small bunker or underground shelter, just like many locations around the island, with most having been filled in like this one.

07 - Cape Vlamingh Signal Station - Drainage Sump

Cape Vlamingh - Old Well

Someone suggested that this could have been where the pressurised tanks were once located, as there are many of these deep and strange pits in the bush areas of the island.

Near the Phillip Point beach are two similar deep pits like this. One is constructed with concrete and the other with old red bricks. Both have a very rusted and dodgy set of rails to ascend and descend, much like the sewer system anywhere in the world.

The concrete drain cover certainly looks to be a new addition, placed over the gaping big hole sometime over the last few years. I shudder to think of any lack of escape if there isn't an escape hatch at the bottom or the wood fails to hold someone's weight. Nevertheless... I certainly know at least one person who deserves to test it!

I was finally able to locate an old map that had it marked as a well. It specifically said "Radar Station Well (abd)" and it's very likely abd abbreviates to 'abandoned' (although it would normally be abnd).

03 - Cape Vlamingh Signal Station - Water Tank

Cape Vlamingh - Water Tank

Two water tanks were located in close proximity to Living Quarters 2.


It could be assumed that following the end of the army's occupation on the island, the water was unable to be sustained and soon became depleted throughout the majority of the island.