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20 - Kingstown Barracks - Engine Room.JPG

Kingstown Barracks - Engine Room


05 - Kingstown Barracks - Observation Post

Kingstown Barracks - Observation Post

The white sands of the far north area of Bickley Bay are dotted with millions of broken pieces of rusted metal.


To the oblivious majority, it's likely to look like little black stones, although few would undoubtedly venture around this area, particularly in favour of walking the main sandy tracks to the more popular beach areas nearby.

It's very likely concrete foundations remain embedded in the depths of the sand hill nearby, where the observation post was once located. Despite a pervasive erosion issue changing the beach terrain drastically since the World War 2 period, so much has been lost and forgotten in the surrounding sands of time.

01 - Kingstown Barracks - RAAF Wireless Station

Kingstown Barracks - RAAF Wireless Station


03 - Kingstown Barracks - Machine Gun Emplacement.JPG

Kingstown Barracks - Machine Gun

Machine Gun Emplacement