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06 - Oliver Hill Battery - Plotting Room Entry

Oliver Hill Battery - Plotting Room Entry

Completed in November 1939, it was later extended to house the Fortress Plotter No.2, which was "associated with the installation of radar fire control equipment" (1). The facility was equipped with:

  • Coordiante Converter No.2A MKIII,

  • Table Fire Direction MKIIIB (1940)

  • Battery plotting Room Switch (1938)

  • Disc Predicting C.D. MKI (1936).

In order to further train the Battery Commanders and staff attached to the Fire Control unit, a minature practice counter bombardment range was constructed adjacent to the Plotting Room.


(1) The Coast Defences of Western Australia 1826-1963: A Study by R. K. Glyde for personal use (Printed 1991).

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