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02 - Mirrabooka Chesterfield Cellars

Mirrabooka Chesterfield Cellars



Almost no history can be found on 10 Chesterfield Road and the few real estate listings for it tends to give a completely different building (a house!) or confuses it with no.8, being the tavern and drive-thru bottle shop.


It is jointly owned by the Department of Housing and United Developments (WA) Pty Ltd.


United Developments

United Developments was registered as an entity name on 31 July 2012 and are still current. Nuhaven was registered as a business name under this entity on 17 December 2014 and cancelled on 26 April 2018.


It appears that the Nuhaven Apartments was to be built at 19 Sudbury Road, opposite the Mirrabooka Shopping Centre, with construction starting early 2018 and being completed within one year. It would consist of 42 multiple dwellings and 9 shops at a cost of $9.5 million, which was approved on 17 January 2018.


The City of Stirling sold the site to Hampton Developments (WA) Pty Ltd in April 2017.


PerthNow reported that Wright Developments had launched the construction project for this site in the last quarter of 2018.


Construction started in December 2018 but had stalled by April 2019, leaving the foundations with vertical rebar to remain in place for approximately two years before a new construction company developed the site. The website promoting the Nuhaven development was pulled at the start of 2022.


Mainstreet Properties Pty Ltd

Registered on 18 February 2013, they are recorded as being the owner in the second development application for no.s 8, 10 and 10a. Business News reports them as being a group of Perth investors and after overcoming months of approval processes, are about to begin the $13 million development.


Chesterfield Cellars

First registered on 14 December 1999, it was cancelled on 19 January 2009. The only mention of this store was on the Business News website when they featured an article on the new education facility the WA Wine Industry Association was opening in around early 2001. There is no mention of this anywhere else in Google searches or past versions of the Association’s website. It had been “a series of planned metropolitan satellite centres aimed at improving the public’s knowledge of wine”.

            A satellite centre is “a branch of a company that’s physically separate from the organisation’s main office.”

The earliest image of this building at no.10 Chesterfield Road in Google Street View, shows the signage for Chesterfield Cellars with the Cellarbrations banner above it, in December 2007.



Formed in 2004 as an Australia-wide independent liquor group, they also planned to create and release a national liquor brand in June of that year.


Citing the aggressive acquisition policies of major supermarket chains who were buying or squeezing out independent retailers, Cellarbrations was formed with the backing of Metcash Trading Ltd (IGA supermarkets) to unite these smaller liquor retailers. Amalgamating them under the one name, Cellarbrations soon had 160 stores Australia-wide, protecting them against acquisition, with the promise of a brighter, long-term future.


Approximately 64 Cellarbrations stores are individually registered as a business name in Western Australia today.


Western Cellars

By November 2009, no.10 was operating a liquor store under the signage of Western Cellars.

Western Cellars 10 Chesterfield Road Mirrabooka

ASIC shows that Western Cellars was registered in Western Australia on:

  • 10 July 1989 and cancelled on 11 September 1992

  • 17 May 1995 and cancelled on 23 December 1999

  • 8 February 2000 and cancelled on 20 March 2003 (by the still-registered entity name Western Liquor Group (WA) Pty Ltd)

  • 8 August 2003 and cancelled on 17 January 2019.

By February 2014, Western Cellars had closed down, with one of their three big branding signs removed.

Western Cellars 10 Chesterfield Road Mirrabooka 2014

The remaining two signs were removed by January 2015.

Western Cellars 10 Chesterfield Road Mirrabooka 2015

No.10 would remain vacant and locked up until today, unless of course, it’s already been demolished.


Development Applications

On 23 December 2019, a development application was lodged for no.s 8, 10 and 10a Chesterfield Road. Whilst little appears to be mentioned on no.10, the proposal discusses more of no.8 (the Northwood Ale House & TAB, which was demolished mid-2022) and 10a (the bush corner between the Northwood Ale House and the bus station).


Previously, a $90 million mixed use development (p.4) was approved on 16 June 2015 (with 300 multiple dwellings, 8 single houses, restaurant, fast food outlet, shop, betting agency and tavern). Perhaps they then exceeded the two-year approval period or just decided to go back to the drawing board.


The above-mentioned mixed use development (betting agency, tavern shop, home office, short stay accommodation with multiple dwellings) was approved on 15 May 2020, at a massively reduced cost of only $4.6 million.


A third and last application was approved on 2 November 2022 (p.5) for a mixed use development with 18 multiple dwellings and 16 commercial tenancies at an increased cost of $13 million.

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