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Nedlands 1930s Art Deco House

Recently demolished in July 2022, this three-level residence was built in 1938, although other sources state 1933.

Built over seven years by Snowden and Wilson on a 1014sqm block, this home leaves mixed architectural impressions from the gothic and medieval inspired years. Real estate sources refer to the more general description of an 'art deco' house.

Whatever way one views this unique residence, it's sure to leave a positive impression.

This five bedroom residence, which had an asking price of $2,400,000, was advertised as a very fine home, mostly in original condition with a stunning fireplace and an architectural example of the period, start to finish. With spacious living areas and formal rooms, as well as plenty of storage space on the upper floor, it was described by one real estate agent as being the perfect family retreat.

Sadly, it was sold to property developer, Capital Way Interiors, on 23 July 2021, with its current tenants ending their lease on 20 January 2022.

Prior to this, it sold for $700,000 in February 2003 and then $1,525,000 in February 2018. That's an impressive profit of $875,000 in just 3.5 years!

Designed by RAD architecture, the new $30 million redevelopment that will soon be built on this block, consists of a nine storey apartment complex with 27 apartments, including a gym and rooftop lounge area. Quite fitting to the stereotypical social status of those residing in the Nedlands area, the podium was designed with "a luxe marble facade synonymous with boutique and high-end fashion retailers" and "drew inspiration from the work or renowned architect Iwan Iwanoff" (PerthNow).

A new proposal, that will no doubt be something we'll soon start to see more often in future building and development applications, are electrical vehicle charge infrastructure for apartment residents. In the case of this apartment complex, all resident car bays shall be equipped with them.

The $11 million development application was lodged on 06 January 2022 and approved on 22 April 2022.

February 2022

Original Floorplan & Redevelopment Design

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