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Glossary of Street Slang

Banksia Hill – juvenile detention for young people who have been
sentenced by the court
Bong – instrument to smoke marijuana
Bucket – instrument to smoke marijuana
Burned – ripped off

Cage – beg for money
Chasing – looking for drugs
Cleanskin – no criminal record
Cone – device to smoke marijuana
Cops – police
Courier – someone carrying or delivering drugs
Crew – group of mates
Crop – marijuana Crow – prostitute

Dardy – very good or good looking
Dees – pain clothed police or dees
Demon – unmarked police car
Dog - informer
Dole – government allowance
Druggie – drug user
Durry – cigarette

Fast Eddys – burger restaurant
Feed – something to eat
Foil – a $25 bag of marijuana
Freddy - screwdriver
Fruit – lesbian
Fruit Lexia – cheap cask wine

Goon – Cheap cask wine

Hammer – heroin
Hot shot – lethal dose of heroin
Hottie – stole car

JAG – Juvenile Aide Group – police juvenile agency for youth at risk
Joint – marijuana cigarette
Jump on it – dilute the drugs
Juvie – 1) Young person aged 17 or under 2) a juvenile detention centre


Macers - McDonalds
Monage – police
Monkey bus – blue paddy wagon police car
Mull – finely shredded marijuana

Narc – undercover cop or detective
Noongars – Aboriginals
NZ green – mull

One in, one out – only one police officer in an unmarked police car
One up – alone

Packet - $50 bag of amphetamines
Passages – Perth youth centre
Pinches – arrests
Pothead – heavy marijuana user
Poxy – crap, pathetic
Properly dressed – armed with a gun
Pusher – dealer

Rangeview – juvenile detention centre for young people who have not
yet been sentenced by the court.
Rollies – self-rolled cigarette from packet tobacco.
Runner – drug courier

Shat – freak out Shot – dose of drugs
Sick – cool
Skank – promiscuous girl
Smash – fight
Smashed – get drunk
Sniff – inhale paint or glue
Spin – tobacco in a joint
Squat – abandoned building
Squatting – living in an abandoned building
Squealed – dobbed
Stoned – too much marijuana
Streetie – adult homeless person
Streetkid – young person on the streets

Tags – graffiti
Top yourself – kill yourself
Trambys – Perth centre for homeless adults

VB – Victoria Bitter, a popular beer drunk by the homeless

Weed – marijuana
Weight – gram of heroin

Youth allowance – government payment to young people

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