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Young People in Northbridge Policy – Diversion Proposal (Free Train Tickets) - 2004

The Office of Crime Prevention published the Young People in Northbridge Policy in June 2003, and it is this document that is commonly referred to as the “Northbridge Curfew” policy by the media.

The aim of the policy was to detail the government’s concerns in regards to young people frequenting the Northbridge precinct, which is largely an adult entertainment area, late at night and unsupervised. The policy attempts to provide parameters that would determine when a young person is deemed to be ‘at risk’, and the appropriate action to be taken when these circumstances are present.

The policy encourages authorised officers (DCD, Police) to take appropriate action to ensure that ‘at risk’ young people are kept safe and returned to appropriate care givers.

The aim of this proposal is to address the diversionary aspect of the policy document, as there are sufficient resources and processes allocated to the management of the removal of young people is need of assistance, or who are offending, but there appears to be insufficient incentives available to encourage young people to leave the area of their own free will.

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