Ally Law: In All Seriousness or Rather Unserious?

In all seriousness, or perhaps a complete lack of it, the dreary mundane routine of life is finally cracked. Albeit, ever so slightly. A life, that is, best suited to a tranquillised zombie. Probably not a robot, seeing as they act as refreshed as those rare muppets who claim to have had a good night's sleep. Sure!

This crack I see in the mirror's reflection, is like a bolt of adrenaline surging through the body. Obviously with half-charged batteries, given that this feeling of excitement has a short window to make its presence felt. Nevertheless, a pleasant change as such. The mirror symbolic of my life, resembling a revolving door presenting the same thing each time and each day.

All thanks to an infamous YouTube influencer with little disregard for life, let alone the law. Perhaps the word 'life' should be substituted for 'safety,' considering a lack of safety creates his issues with the law. Despite at times, seemingly existing out of reach of the law with his epic escapes, talking himself out of arrests, as well as Law being his surname. Oh the irony!

So... introducing Law. Ally Law. The lad from South Hampton. Depleting all free time from hooked viewers and causing an elevation in their levels of adrenaline and anxiety. Who knows how many serious medical conditions Law could cause if he started filming interactively for VR platforms like Occulus Rift!

The intensity of the insanity, mind boggling danger of an equivalent Richter scale. Ludicrously crazy and obscene, yet undeniably creative at times. Specifically, like the time Law and his mates were walking on the glass roof of the 50-storey Tour First skyscraper in Paris, as the sun was starting to set. A spectacular view indeed, although on the flip-side, not the case if they were to fall off their viewing ledge on the edge.

Clearly unplanned and unstaged, Law's preposterous feats heighten in risk for the sake of feeling alive. Yet perhaps trapped in an adrenaline-addicted cycle, where cravings must be met in order to preserve his sanity, or whatever is left, if any. This tends to result in what he calls an 'overnight challenge,' something he attempts to carry out on a daily basis. Sometimes more than one a night, usually as a result of getting chased out by police or security. Even when Law is arrested and released, much to the indignation of local authorities, who seemingly have little powers to prevent such absurd acts from taking place. This is because in the UK, trespassing is a civil offence and there isn't a lot the police can do.

Law and his accomplices have at times been issued with temporary bans from bridges, parts of buildings not open to the public, commerical properties outside of business hours, TV studios, theme parks and a 24-hour ban from South Hampton's city centre. One lifetime ban is from all properties owned by Merlin Entertainment, which includes Legoland.

On one occasion that we know of, a printed circulation of Law's profile, together with his mate Ryan Taylor, was distributed within a British multinational DIY and home improvement company. Despite not making any changes to their appearances, both were able to enter one of their stores and attempted to hide until all the staff had gone for the night but were instead, left to deal with attending police.

Without a doubt, Law's photo would have been circulated and made known to most, if not all of UK's police services, security agencies, major buildings and the like. Yet he continually manages to avoid detection when entering a location, until it's too late.

Law rarely even hides his clothing label, 'It's a Madness,' which he proudly wears everywhere. Considering how well known this phrase is becoming, how more obvious can you get?

From a marketing perspective, it's pure genius!

From a 'blatant, post-laugh at authorities' perspective, particularly when an overnight challenge is successful, wearing his label would surely leave a permanent bitter taste in the mouth of whoever Law had circumvented, whether it be a storeman